Apple vs. Samsung: the never ending story


apple-vs-samsungWhatever happens, what is unfolding before the court presided over by U.S. Federal Judge Lucy Koh and sees that Samsung and Apple can only be regarded as opposing the trial of the year for the ICT sector.
2012, however, has seen itself as a hot topic design, alongside such importance and media pressure to cases with a central, proprietary technology.
No coincidence that the amounts spent so far by the two companies to organize the defense and witnesses seem to have very high: only the last witness in order of time, the design expert Peter Bressler, Apple has so far spent 75 thousand dollars. Of course, being an inventor or co-inventor of 70 patents for design and already witness in 7 other processes, is an expert of the highest level with a cachet to it.
This, however, did not prevent the lawyers from Samsung to get him to admit that it is said that the supposed similarities, observed both by experts and unconsciously by users of iPhone and Samsung devices, are enough to confuse the time of purchase, therefore constituting the detriment for sales of Apple.

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