Apple vs. Samsung new act


apple-vs-samsungFew people can confuse the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 of the iPad. This is the underlying motivation that led the judges of the High Court in London to give an account to the Korean giant in the proceedings which is between the two companies as regards patents relating to the design of the Apple tablet.
The appeal advanced by the Cupertino company to reverse the judgment in July has not so successful, and in fact states like the Samsung tablet pc is not too similar (the term used by the judges to compare the two products and highlight the different qualities in terms of ease of use was “cool”) the iPad.
Cupertino’s lawyers pointed to the importance and the appearance of the front of the tablet form facotor for consumers, but the judges as they explained the issue from a legal standpoint, it was decided on other levels. And that is that there are no grounds to be able to say that the products of the Asian infringe intellectual property rights of those of Apple.

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