Apple refunds the Swiss Federal Railways

Swiss Railways Symbol

Swiss Railways SymbolThe house with the bitten apple forced to pay $ 21 million to the Swiss Federal Railways for copying their symbol
A few months ago the news was circulated of a dispute between the Swiss Federal Railways and Apple. Why the organization of rail transport in the state known for its banks and the chocolate would have to take it to the house with the bitten apple? The reason for the dispute was represented by the design of one of the watches manufactured by Apple and included in the operating system of the iPhone and iPad too similar clock for decades a symbol of the Swiss Railways.
A lot of this accusation of plagiarism recalled that Al Bano against Michael Jackson but, as in the case of “The Swans of Balaka” that Jackson had become “Will you be there”, even Railways have been right against ‘imposing opponent, denying those who thought only the desire to be a bit ‘of free advertising.
Apple has had to pay over 21 million dollars in order to continue to use the clock, so as to avoid being dragged into court. In short, a little imaginative designer has forced the American company in a cost really high!

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