Apple 6 without Youtube


Apple-YoutubeApple cuts relations with Google: mobile operating system IOS 6 says goodbye preinstalled YouTube application, a step despite the unexpected move announced by the maps produced by the Big G to those of Cupertino with the help of TomTom.
The battle between Apple and Google, or between IOS and Android, lives another important moment with the release of iPhone OS Beta 4 to 6, the new operating system for devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Available for some time, anticipating the final release for the end user is characterized by the absence of native YouTube application, the popular video sharing service that, by popularity and features, unmatched able to keep step. If the maps, in fact, Apple has unsheathed its own app can, at least on paper, to replace the service provided by Google, YouTube is a purely strategic choice that comes under the keen contest between the two companies American, which they have decided not to renew the old five-year agreement signed in 2007.
What changes for users of the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch? Little, indeed nothing, as the YouTube app will not be part of the package native IOS 6, but can still be installed from the App Store, not to mention that video playback is also available via the Safari browser.
As for other news of iPhone OS Beta 4 6, with the final version expected in the fall at the same time the output of the iPhone 5, to report another new development occurring at this time and that will please the users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unless last-minute changes of mind, in fact, will no longer need to enter your password to download free apps from the App Store.

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