Amanda Knox: today the Court of Cassazione

amanda knox

The Court of Cassazione will have to decide on the appeals case of Amanda Knox against the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Perugia October 3, 2011 quashed the sentence of 26 years for her and Raffaele Sollecito issued December 5, 2009 by the courts of first instance, scagionandoli the charge of murdering Meredith Kercher. The only crime charged and found American was to slander for accusing Patrick Lumumba of the murder, then his employer.
Amanda, of course, will not be present: she left Italy the same night he received the news of his release, and now lives in Seattle where she sent a text message to their lawyers, Luciano Ghirga and Carlo Della Vedova, expressed his state of mind “I am very anxious.I hope for the best. I love you. “
Life, beyond what will happen today, seems to be going on for the girl who has signed a $ 4 million and $ 300,000 with HarperCollins, an American publisher, to publish the story of his court case and the same can be said to Raffaele Sollecito who has already published a book on the matter, Honor Bound, and now is studying in Verona to complete their studies in computer science.

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