50 Cent is for Frank Ocean

50 cent

50 centAfter Frank Ocean has publicly declared his bisexuality, there was a series of comments about him by both ordinary people of other artists. Some have shown an open mind while continuing to support the artist, while others have shown a great mind, You denigrate the artist while appreciating his music. Now he has decided to say it’s also one of the greatest representatives of Hip-Hop of the last decade. Here is what the MC said: “Anyone who has a problem with Frank Ocean is an idiot. I think Frank is an artist with talent, has created materials that made me know his name, impressed me with the things he has said in songs like ‘Novocane’.
It might be revolutionary or it could be a tragedia.Lo courage to call you, or you can call MARKETING, because it was intentional, it was an accident. There are artists who have made this choice before, not wanting to expose the general public before the actual issue of music. “
Really good Fifty’s words, for he shows that to understand the value of an artist lies in his music, and not his sexual orientation. Also the famous rapper did not even make the feel-good too: it has accepted that it may also be a marketing move, but not the artist has denigrated. In my opinion this is the best speech I made on this issue.

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