hondaCRF250L-skyfall-james-bond-640x426007 AND HONDA CRF250R The 007 films have always been an important means of communication for automotive companies specimens of which appear in the bustling scenes of James Bond. The mere fact that the secret agent in a few frames of his film uses a given car is immediately becoming the object of worship, so the excess represented by the Aston Martin brand, known by international public opinion as “the car of James Bond “, even before that to be a producer of esoteric supercar. In twenty-three films, however, there have been examples of motorcycles have become the protagonists of the scene for a few seconds, it happened with a BSA Lightning in Thunderball, and a Kawasaki Z900 appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me. The Yamaha has appeared twice in the James Bond film: the XT 500 and the XJ650 Turbo, but there have been apparitions of BMW and Cagiva.

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